Terms & Condition for Package tours:

● Booking can be done after receiving the advance only. The entire amount due in advance for the hotel, train, and air ticket must be paid at one time.
● On or before the first day of travel, you must pay the entire package amount. (100% without fail)
● There are no luggage carriers in any of the cars; if you require, we may make arrangements.
● The driver drives the car from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; if the driver drives beyond this hour, there will be additional charges (it should be confirmed at the time of booking).

● There will be no change in the quote amount if you skip any locations.
●In the event of any deviation during the tour (e.g. change of pick-up and drop-off location, extension of trip, trip modification), the guest shall pay the quoted amount and an additional amount of additional kilometers, toll, parking and driver allowance. The quote amount shall not be affected if any location is skipped.
● If there was any deviation from the trips, The trips would only be counted as a round trip. This trip would never be counted as a one way trip.
● Day will be considered a calendar day.
● Don't instruct the driver to park the vehicle in no parking and ride a vehicle at over speed. We always obey all the traffic rules.
● If the package time exceeds the committed time, additional charges will apply as per the vehicle.
● AC will be stopped in the hill area, stopped, or parked vehicle (this condition is for AC trips only).
● Kitchen appliances and flammable items (gas cylinders, exhausts, explosions and all varieties of compressed gas cylinders) are strictly prohibited in passenger vehicles. We will arrange a different vehicle if you need to bring kitchen appliances for preparing food.
● Vehicle and driver details will be shared 12 hours before the journey starts.
Accommodation must be at a distance of 5 km from the city periphery. Accommodations beyond 5 kilometers will incur additional charges. (Applicable for Cab Service Package Only).
● It is mandatory for all guests to give a valid photo ID at the time of check-in @ all Hotels / Cottages/ lodges / Resort. And check in time 12 Noon and check out time 11 AM

● The checkout time should be followed strictly. If any charges apply for exceeding the checkout time, you have to pay this amount to the hotel directly.
● If you do not like the hotel, do not check in; after check-in, cancellation is not possible.
● The cancellation policy will differ from hotel to hotel. If the hotel does not provide the refund, we will also not provide it to you. That amount will be added to your package cost.

Payment terms: Only account transfer / online payment. Cash transactions are not allowed.
Kindly note that if you transfer or deposit the amount in any account that was not mentioned on our official page, we are not responsible for that.
For booking: Payment proof and ID proof must be emailed to contact@sivasudartravels.com or sivasudartravels@gmail.com
Note: Call us before depositing or transferring the advance payment. We need to confirm the availability of the vehicle, hotels, and other required tickets.
Cancellation Procedure: Cancellations must be informed to us via email at sivasudartravels@gmail.com or contact@sivasudartravels.com
Taxes are as applicable at the time of reservation. Taxes are to be paid by customers. (It is not included in the package price)

Refund Details :

Vehicle Cancellation Refund Amount
30 days prior of travel 100%
16 -30 days prior of travel 80%
8 -15 days prior of travel 50%
0 -7 days prior of travel 0%

HOTEL, EVENTS, FOOD, TICKETS, VISA CANCELLATION POLICY: You won't receive a refund from us, until we get the payments from the appropriate supplier or third-party source.