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Situated in the city of Kancheepuram, Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is a protected sanctuary covering a total area of 30 hectares. This sanctuary is a popular migratory home for around 40,000 different species of birds from all over the world. It is said that such a vast number of birds are attracted to this location because of its various small lakes that prove to be a fertile feeding ground for the birds. As soon as one enters here, the birds can be seen eating, swimming, homemaking, diving, squawking or simple perching on the trees. They seem to enjoy every bit of their extended vacation before the long flight home. The mighty birds here are accustomed to having visitors and may venture quite to them. 

Vedanthangal literally means 'the hamlet of a hunter' in the local Tamil language learning. It was so named as because of being a famous hunting grounds for the local landlords during the 18th century. Realizing this ornithological importance of the region, the British government decided to build it into a bird sanctuary in the year 1798, making it the oldest of its kind in the country. The sanctuary is a haven for bird watchers and wildlife photographers. The Barringtonia mangroves, the rich floating habitat, extensive paddy field and those mighty flying creatures make the Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary a beautiful setting to escape to crowd and noise of busy city life. Moreover, nothing equals the thrill of watching the glorious birds gently flapping their wings and soaring towards the high sky. 

Karikili Bird Sanctuary

Karikili Bird Sanctuary

Counted amongst the most famous bird sanctuaries, the Karikili Bird Sanctuary is situated in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. Consisting of two irrigation tanks which are fed by the rain, the sanctuary is spread over an area of 61.21 hectares and is just 10 km from the well-know Vedanthagal Bird Sanctuary. It is a very peaceful and beautiful place to visit and is a house to many migratory birds which arrive here between September and October. Amidst the natural beauty, the sanctuary also serves as an amazing picnic spot giving the tourists a chance to enjoy in the middle of the chirping birds. Apart from the birds, the sanctuary also has ducks and waders to look at.

Sunset is an ideal time for visiting the sanctuary since birds can be seen returning to their nests in large numbers most of which are migratory. Being one of the oldest sanctuaries in India, this place is a must-visit because for more than two hundred years the villagers have protected the birds in this sanctuary. One can easily spot birds bringing food for their babies by the end of the day who put their small beaks into the mouth of their parents to find food. A total of 115 species of birds are supported in the sanctuary which also includes Grebes, Grey Pelican, Cormorant, Egrets, Darter, Spoonbill, Night-heron, and White Ibis. This place is like heaven for all the bird-watchers and nature lovers out there or even those who wish to satisfy their bird-related knowledge.