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Traveling to Europe is an exciting trip, but it's also incredibly stressful. There are visas and airline tickets and hotels and tours and travel insurance and a million other things to figure out.It's so much easier when you have a plan, though. That's why Sivasudar Travels has created the perfect tour packages for your European vacation.We're experts in European travel, and we want to help you get the most out of your trip. Our tour packages will help you see all the best sights in Europe while enjoying the convenience of pre-paid tickets, hotels, and discounted meals out.To make booking your trip even easier, we've designed our website to be incredibly user-friendly. In fact, we have an entire page devoted to easy-to-follow travel advice! Just click on "travel advice" at the top of any page on our site—we're so confident that our site will help you plan your trip that we back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Thousands of you from all over the world have voted for Budapest as the best European destination 2017.Great many you from everywhere the world have decided in favor of Budapest as the best European objective 2017. The capital of Hungary is number one on your movement list of must-dos.

The city setting is staggering with a rich structural and recorded legacy: it offers an unequaled blend of culture, sprouting gastronomy and the upsides of warm waters and world legacy sights. The pearl of the Danube isn't unquestionably the best European location, it is additionally one of the most excellent and most secure urban areas on the planet. Budapest offers the tastefulness of Paris, the building legacy of Vienna, the appeal of Porto, Stockholm's delicate lifestyle.The pearl of the Danube is not only the best European destination, it is also one of the most beautiful and safest cities in the world. Budapest offers the elegance of Paris, the architectural heritage of Vienna, the charm of Porto, Stockholm’s gentle way of life.

Join Budapest lovers and book your flight, accommodation and best tours in Budapest Join Budapest sweethearts and book your flight, convenience and best visits in Budapest, for example, a Danube Cruise, a visit to the Buda Castle or an elective Budapest strolling visit through both Buda and Pest and partake in your visit in the best objective in Europe! An expression of guidance: your Instagram account is in danger of exploding assuming you share all the photographs you will be taking!

Braga, Portugal

Braga, Portugal

Braga has been attracting travellers from all over the world for thousands of years. Braga (1 hour by train from Porto) is sparkling, charming and full of life. The city offers the best of Portugal i Braga has been drawing in voyagers from everywhere the world for millennia. Braga (1 hour via train from Porto) is shining, enchanting and loaded with life. The city offers the best of Portugal in a well disposed and warm air.

Stroll through its shopping streets and marvel at the beauty of its Gothic Cathedral. Take a romantic break in the Santa Barbara Garden or walk to the top of Bom Jesus do Monte. Walk around its shopping roads and wonder about the magnificence of its Gothic Cathedral. Have some time off in the Santa Barbara Garden or stroll to the highest point of Bom Jesus do Monte. Indeed, even the sky doesn't appear to be a cutoff for Braga and its occupants. Whether or not you are a devotee, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro is stunningly lovely and motivating. Our Lady of Sameiro is breathtakingly beautiful and inspiring.

Shopaholic? No problem, Braga offers a unique experience Shopaholic? Don't worry about it, Braga offers a one of a kind involvement in a blend of conventional shops, youthful originator shops and retail outlets. Need to move, dance, snicker and offer extraordinary minutes? Braga offers excellent occasions consistently. More? The greatest White Night in Europe happens in Braga with many road shows. Braga is made for sweethearts, explorers, foodies, history buffs and the people who look for recent fads and encounters. Wake up, excellence is surrounding you!

Monte Isola, Italy

Monte Isola, Italy

Monte Isola is probably one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy. Located on Lake Iseo, just 2 hours from Milan, Monte Isola offers the best of Lombardy on a few square kilometers. Monte Isola is presumably one of the most excellent objections in Italy. Situated on Lake Iseo, only 2 hours from Milan, Monte Isola offers the best of Lombardy on a couple of square kilometers. This extraordinary mountain arising in an excellent lake is heaven on the planet. Monte Isola has been forbidding vehicles for quite a while and has been granted the "EDEN - European Destination of Excellence" by the European Commission for its obligation to feasible the travel industry and the upkeep of nearby creation. Monte Isola has been banning cars for a long time and has been awarded the "EDEN - European Destination of Excellence" by the European Commission for its commitment to sustainable tourism and the maintenance of local production.

Monte Isola seduces travellers from all over the world; it has inspired great artists such as Cristo who chose the island for one of his most stunning artistic installations. Monte Isola seduces families, lovers, hikers, those who want to relax, feel authenticity, human warmth and respect for nature. Monte Isola lures explorers from everywhere the world; it has motivated extraordinary specialists, for example, Cristo who picked the island for one of his most shocking imaginative establishments. Monte Isola tempts families, sweethearts, climbers, the individuals who need to unwind, feel realness, human warmth and regard for nature. Find neighborhood creates, fishing nets, nearby produce like salami, fish in oil, wild asparagus, additional virgin olive oil, sun dried sardines, new tomatoes, arugula or chubs and roosts. Monte Isola is additionally a heaven for experts. Like Franciacorta's wines, it is enticing, shimmering, exceptional.

Book your plane tickets Book your boarding passes to Milan or Bergamo just as your train passes to Brescia then, at that point, take a transport or train to Iseo. You will get to Monte Isola by boat (did you see that Monte Isola is an island?). There are intersections constantly. Book your convenience at the best cost and your best visits in Lombardia.Book your accommodation at the best price and your best tours in Lombardia.

Metz, France

Metz, France

If you want to discover one of the trendiest destinations in France, Metz is definitely the place to go! The city attracts artists and travellers from around the world. Young designers, investors, start-up companies,To find perhaps the trendiest objective in France, Metz is most certainly the spot to go! The city draws in specialists and explorers from around the world. Youthful originators, financial backers, new businesses, have gotten comfortable Metz for a really long time. Major social foundations like the Pompidou Center and eminent makers, for example, Philippe Starck have chosen to send off their undertakings in the city.

Situated in the north-east of France and only 82 mins from Paris by train, Metz is the perfect sized town for a short break. Its combination of lively shopping streets and riverside walks makes it ideal for pedestrians, cyclists and people looking for amusement and relaxation.Arranged in the north-east of France and just 82 mins from Paris via train, Metz is the ideal estimated town for a brief break. Its mix of enthusiastic shopping roads and riverside strolls makes it ideal for walkers, cyclists and individuals searching for entertainment and unwinding. Family-accommodating parks and gardens are important for the city way of life, very much like the energized porches, bistros and bars. Great quality food is not difficult to track down. The Covered Market, patisseries run by grant winning cake culinary experts, and the numerous cafés serve neighborhood and worldwide indulgences for each financial plan.


Poznan, Poland

Poland is one of the trendiest tourist destinations not to be missed this year. Do you like history, castles? Poznań Poland is one of the trendiest traveler objections not to be missed for the current year. Do you like history, palaces? Poznań is made for you with its inconceivable Renaissance style municipal center, its tremendous archaic like palace or the bright veneers of Stary Rynek (the Old Market Square).

Do you like shopping and craftsmanship? "Stary Browar" (Old Brewery) is one of the most lovely retail outlets on the planet just as being a business workmanship focus. Gastronomy is your shortcoming? Find many eateries suggested by the most renowned culinary aides. Do you want more? Poznań is perhaps the greenest city in Poland which numerous cyclists and people on foot generally appreciate in summer. Poznań additionally has mind blowing occasions, for example, the "Ethno Port" one of the most outstanding live events on the planet. Poznań also hosts incredible events such as the "Ethno Port" one of the best music festivals in the world.

Looking for a romantic or family trip? We recommend the Poznań Christmas market ranked among the most beautiful in Europe.Searching for a heartfelt or family trip? We suggest the Poznań Christmas market positioned among the most lovely in Europe. Try not to miss its ice form celebration, the just one of its sort in Europe.

Málaga, Spain

Málaga, Spain

Forget Barcelona and Madrid this year and go for Málaga! Stroll through the alleys of the old historic centre,Disregard Barcelona and Madrid this year and go for Málaga! Walk around the back streets of the old notable place, fill your lungs with new ocean air on the quays, shop on the marinha or taste a mixed drink on the housetop of a stylish bar. For an all encompassing perspective on the city, jump on the Grande-Roue or move to the highest point of the Gibralfaro Castle for a 360-degree perspective on one of the most delightful urban communities in Europe. Indulge yourself with a day of rushes on the "Caminito del Rey", one of the most delightful normal attractions in Málaga area. At long last, partake in a snapshot of unadulterated joy in one of Málaga's superb hammams. Treat yourself to a day of thrills on the "Caminito del Rey", one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Málaga province. Finally, enjoy a moment of pure bliss in one of Málaga’s magnificent hammams.

Málaga is an exceptional objective in Europe and a blend of present day and customary. The city consolidates recreation, the travel industry, ocean side, gastronomy and shopping along with business and broad social contributions and occasions of overall acknowledgment.

 Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

You ranked it among the most popular destinations to visit in 2017. Geneva is surprising, sparkling and perfect for a city break, for shopping, culture and nature lovers.

Geneva offers a smorgasbord of unmissable experiences in a one-of-a-kind natural setting. From the shores of the biggest lake You positioned it among the most well known objections to visit in 2017. Geneva is astonishing, shimmering and ideal for a city break, for shopping, culture and nature darlings.

Geneva offers a buffet of unmissable encounters in a unique regular setting. From the shores of the greatest lake in Western Europe in only 60 minutes, end up at the foot of Mont-Blanc, the mainland's most elevated pinnacle. Want to ski toward the beginning of the day and shopping in the early evening? Forget about it! The sky is the limit here!

With its stunning perspectives, Geneva will astonish you over and over! From the well known Jet d'Eau flying water 140 meters above Lake Geneva, to the pleasant open country and its grape plantation ways, appreciate being hypnotized by its assorted and charming scene.

Cavtat, Croatia

Cavtat, Croatia

Croatia has to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world and Cavtat, located on the Adriatic coast, is a real gem. Breathtakingly splendid, this small town is only 20 kilometres from Dubrovnik. Cavtat will seduce you with the beauty of its landscapes but also the richness of its cultural and historical heritage… and its gastronomy!

Places like Cavtat offering such a great amount to the guests are very uncommon. Its view, the rich social and recorded legacy alongside the scope of administrations proposed to travelers satisfy the needs of the current day vacationers, in this way making it one of the most alluring locations on the Adriatic coast.

Cavtat caters for all types of travellers. You can walk, take a bike ride, go horseback riding or indulge in water sports. Cavtat caters for a wide range of voyagers. You can walk, take a bicycle ride, go horseback riding or enjoy water sports. Cavtat is additionally the ideal decision for a family occasion to luxuriate in the sun or for dynamic occasions. Come re-energize your batteries in Cavtat, one of the most excellent objections in Europe


Bratislava, Slovakia

The capital of Slovakia has to be on your travel bucket list. Bratislava is a modern city on the Danube, where centuries-old history combines with an exciting present.The capital of Slovakia must be on your movement list of must-dos. Bratislava is a cutting edge city on the Danube, where exceptionally old history joins with an intriguing present. It isn't only Bratislava's reasonableness and closeness to different capitals that draws in guests to Slovakia's capital. Assuming you are searching for a city break brimming with culture, uncommon cooking, selective encounters and remarkable air, Bratislava is the spot to be.If you are looking for a city break full of culture, exceptional cuisine, exclusive experiences and unique atmosphere, Bratislava is the place to be.

The dominant triangle – Bratislava Castle, the UFO tower and St Martin‘s Cathedral – offers a combination of a spectacular panoramic views over the town, wonderful culinary experiences, together with reminders of the city’s rich coronation history.The predominant triangle – Bratislava Castle, the UFO pinnacle and St Martin's Cathedral – offers a blend of a stupendous all encompassing perspectives over the town, great culinary encounters, along with tokens of the city's rich crowning liturgy history.

Sainte-Maxime, France

Sainte-Maxime, France

Sainte-Maxime is one of your favourite destinations in Europe. It is a haven of peace, a perfect destination for a holiday with family or lovers. Sainte-Maxime is one of your cherished objections in Europe. It is a shelter of harmony, an ideal objective for a vacation with family or darlings. Situated among Provence and the French Riviera, this objective is valid, warm and inviting.

Sainte-Maxime is known worldwide for the excellence of its scenes, its turquoise waters, its unlimited sea shores. It is famous with explorers from around the world for its real Provencal soul. To reside new encounters, meet new individuals, find new flavors, Sainte-Maxime is most certainly the spot for you.

Partake in a delectable slice of bread covered with neighborhood additional virgin olive oil and a glass of rosé on a radiant patio. Sainte-Maxime offers the best of Provence, the French Riviera and surprisingly some Corsican scenes with "La Pointe des Sardinaux", an absolute necessity place known as 'Little Corsica'.

Need to save recollections for a lifetime? Go parasailing (what an inclination, what a perspective on the Esterel red rocks!) Finish the day with a round of pétanque, a definitive Provencal game, unwind, talk, snicker, make companions… Sainte-Maxime is exceptional, for you.

Dinant, Belgium

Dinant, Belgium

Dinant is becoming the queen of Instagram, one of Europe's trendiest destinations. Dinant is turning into the sovereign of Instagram, perhaps Europe's trendiest objective. This enchanting city situated in the south of Belgium doesn't has anything to begrudge to other significant Belgian traveler objections like the magnificent city of Bruges or the energetic and shining city of Antwerp. Bruges or the vibrant and sparkling city of Antwerp.

As soon as you get to Dinant the panorama will captivate you:When you get to Dinant the scene will enrapture you: the River Meuse and the stones outline this excellent postcard. Visit its Collegiate church, get to the highest point of Dinant by funicular and find the Citadel, a fortification that offers grand perspectives on the River Meuse and one of the most excellent valleys in Europe. Appreciate mussels and chips on the Croisette and don't miss the "Leffe Blonde". This popular lager is to be sure blended here by the priests of Our Lady of Leffe' Abbey only a couple hundred meters from Dinant.

Dinant is also a city of adventure, gastronomy and history. Visit the house of the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Saxe who was born here and you will realize how much Dinant has influenced the history of music and Jazz. For a total experience, walk through the door of a bakery and buy a "Couque de Dinant". Dinant is likewise a city of experience, gastronomy and history. Visit the place of the designer of the saxophone, Adolphe Saxe who was brought into the world here and you will acknowledge the amount Dinant has impacted the historical backdrop of music and Jazz. For an all out encounter, stroll through the entryway of a pastry shop and purchase a "Couque de Dinant". This extraordinary honey treat is just about as hard as wood and won't squeeze into some espresso however its taste is unique! These rolls address symbolic spots of the city or themes like wild hogs, fish, blossoms, scenes... Solid bet that you won't prevail with regards to completing the bread roll before the finish of your city break in Dinant! Talking about wagering, Dinant likewise has another Casino. At any rate, make certain to leave the city more extravagant with exquisite recollections. In summer treat yourself to 'frissons' down the back with a kayak visit down the stream Lesse and be staggered by an eminent perspective on the Walzin palace as you paddle down one of Belgium's most excellent waterway.

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

Sun, gastronomy, culture, nightlife, monuments, the sea, a blue sky…Welcome to Athens,Sun, gastronomy, culture, nightlife, landmarks, the ocean, a blue sky… Welcome to Athens, perhaps the best objective in Europe! Athens is in the main 15 objections consistently and the entire year through it draws in European explorers looking for their foundations yet in addition voyagers from everywhere the world.

The city is historic and is the cradle of European philosophy.The city is notable and is the support of European way of thinking. Athens is both saturated with history and zeroed in on innovation and the upcoming social and monetary issues. Voyagers love its engineering, the region of Plaka, landmarks, gastronomy, stylish shops yet additionally its nightlife; its closeness to the ocean (15 minutes from downtown) makes it exceptionally appealing as well. A city of oddities and incredible differences, in the country that initially developed the politeness and liberality towards individuals who are a long way from their home.

Most voyagers like the occupants of Athens who share, heart close by, their gastronomical and touristic treasures.

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is definitely the trendiest destination in Europe. Kotor is authentic, charming, breathtaking. The city is perfect for a relaxing stay, for gourmets, for lovers but also for fans of hiking, history, culture.

Kotor is the perfect destination for people looking for authenticity and new experiences. Visit the fortifications of the Old Town, walk up to the tops of Kotor or explore Kotor Bay "Boka Kotorska", one of the most beautiful bays in Europe.

Kotor is an excellent holiday choice for those who cannot make up their mind whether to have an active or relaxing sunny holiday or discover heritage, culture and history, a family holiday or a romantic trip. Kotor is suitable for everyone. This year, forget about big capitals and go relax in Kotor, one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

Book your flights and accommodation at the best price as well as your tours and activities in Kotor such as a boat tour to discover "Our Lady of the Rocks" and swim in the Blue cave.


Riga, Latvia

More trendy than ever, Riga More in vogue than any other time in recent memory, Riga is important for your movement list of must-dos again this year. Riga is an ideal objective to find new skylines. Riga offers an exceptional blend of engineering, history, advancement, popular bistros and eateries, shopping roads offering both conventional items and items by neighborhood creators.

Riga is a welcoming and dynamic city, a colourful and sparkling destination. This is the city you have to visit this year if you want to go mad on Instagram. Riga is also a perfect city for gourmets or architecture enthusiasts. Its old historic centre is full of traditional restaurants or fusion cuisine.

Riga is perfect for lovers, friends, singles, history buffs or just for people who want to relax and feel good. Riga is cut out for spa treatments and beauty procedures and you can do that in the very centre. When in Riga, a traditional Latvian bath is a must!


Florence, Italy

Florence is incomparable:Florence is exceptional: its magnificence, light and environment will tempt all of you. Florence has for a really long time been motivating the best specialists who upset the craftsmanship world. The city has seen the introduction of the best magnum opuses at any point delivered by humanity. Its engineering is tremendously rich and its exhibition halls, figures and compositions are known around the world.

Florence is a city with roots and wings, Florence is a city with roots and wings, a city that is at the bleeding edge of reasonable turn of events and creation. Florence is likewise extremely worried about the future, the climate and significant issues connected with cultural and natural changes.

Find Florence, its verdant slopes and the unbelievable perspectives which they offer. The most well off families, like the Medici, made Florence the world capital of workmanship and left the city an important heritage. These fortunes look for you in one of the most incredible European objectionsthe world capital of art and left the city an invaluable legacy. These treasures await you in one of the best European destinations.