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PAPANASAM Sight Seeing Places

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A little outing spot in Tirunelveli, Papanasam is a town near the principle town. As the name recommends 'Papanasam' significance stopping every one of the transgressions, the waters of this spot are known for their otherworldly powers of reclaiming the bad behaviors. With harmony in its current circumstance and excellence everywhere, it has arisen as a famous escape objective for individuals living close by. The mountains around it are home to 108 spices which are not found elsewhere on the planet. In its area are numerous things which let you invest a function energy here.

Away from the hustle-clamor of the city life, one can partake in the peacefulness of tranquil life in its laps. Arranged a good ways off of very nearly 45 km from Tirunelveli, a thick woodland encompassing the town makes it an ideal sporting spot for individuals who are hoping to invest a few energy with their loved ones. Papanasam has charming attractions, for example, Thamirabarani waterway, Agasthiyar falls, Papanasam dam and the Shiva sanctuary. Additionally, the strong waters of Papanasam have made it a renowned journey objective.


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Papanasam Falls, Tirunelveli Overview

A twin sibling to the Banateertham Falls, Papanasam Fall is a perfect sheet of white water that streams enchantingly in the rainforests of the Western Ghats entrancing the whole gang with its sheer volume, magnificence and stature. The Papanasam Falls, with a drop of 120 meters is exceptionally loved by local people both for their tremendous magnificence and strict importance. It is accepted that a dunk in its waters can exonerate one of every one of their transgressions. It is, hence, additionally called Papanasam Falls; Papanasam in nearby language implies expulsion, everything being equal. It is additionally said that these wonderful power cascades have novel natural and restorative properties and that the waters are so sustaining it seems like a relieving oil knead. 

In the curious town of Papanasam in the Tirunelveli region are found these excellent and powerful cascades, wrapped up the entrancing rainforests of the Western Ghats. The cascades structure in the Tamirabarani River just before they hit the fields of Tamil Nadu. The landscape encompassing the cascades is set apart by rich vegetation in general, giant stone rocks and an extraordinary Shiva sanctuary, all of which make a visit to the falls totally worth the effort. In the event that you are fortunate, you could recognize a Cheetah or a Tiger in the woods alongside different creatures. An absolute necessity for nature sweethearts. For the ones looking to draw a stage nearer to their otherworldly side, the Agasthiyar Falls are enthusiastically suggested. Come, absorb the excellence of the falls and take in the cool, natural air in the timberland. It's an encounter worth having.



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Kanthimathi and Nellaiappar

The twin sanctuaries of Kanthimathi and Nellaiappar are the most popular strict locales of Tirunelveli. The two sanctuaries, one devoted each to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are the nothing not exactly human greatness.

The few hundred year old sanctuaries have a few exceptionally intriguing destinations. One of them is the brilliant Lily Tank. there is additionally a corridor with 1000 points of support, every one of them complicatedly cut and beautified. The most fascinating component, in any case, are the melodic support points, which make melodic notes when you strike them at different spots. The sanctuary's Golden Chariot is the third biggest in the country.



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Courtallam Falls

A cascade situated in an area called the "Spa of South India". Does that illustrate a brilliant occasion fascination to you? That is on the grounds that it is! Set amidst a Panchayat town in the Tirunelveli region of Tamil Nadu, the Courtallam falls are eminent in the state for its immensity just as savagery. At a rise of 160 meters (520 feet), the course overshadows its green environmental elements and radiant slope. This fascination is the most appropriate for those hoping to clean up in the lap of nature. The Courtallam Falls are available to the general population for revival while offering accommodations, for example, washrooms and food slows down nearby. Photography lovers may likewise think that it merits their time and energy to visit this lofty cascade. What's more assuming that you are a genuine nature buff, the mountains and brilliant vegetation ought to be to the point of fulfilling your spirit also.

The Courtallam Falls are a characteristic assortment of little cascades that eventually end up together at the base as a solitary, immense course. They are said to plunge from a few significant waterways beginning in the rugged like Chittar, Pachaiyar, and Maninuthar Rivers among numerous others. It is a generally expected conviction among the neighborhood old stories that the waters of Courtallam have therapeutic properties that could fix an inability. The stones behind the falls have been dissolved to frame extraordinarily molded, honeycomb-like designs. There are additionally some Shivalingas (little symbols of Lord Shiva) that can be viewed as cut among the stones in the region..

A scene from the honor winning 1992 Hindi film 'Roja' was shot here, alongside a few other South Indian motion pictures, and the cascade has kept on filling in its prevalence as a vacation spot from that point forward. Different offices have been set up nearby for obliging explorers, including food slows down and business stock particular to the locale. Generally speaking, it causes for a bright situation at this spot, with the cascades tenderly falling behind the scenes to create a serene result.



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Vettuvan Koil

If you're the sorts who is intrigued by antiquated caverns and unearthings, the Vettuvan Koil is intended for you. The spot is in a real sense known as a stone worker's heaven.

Underlying eighth and ninth century, this incomplete sanctuary is produced using cut rocks. The carvings mirror the southern sanctuary style of engineering from the Pandya time. Just the top piece of the sanctuary is finished. At the highest point of the sanctuary excellent figure of Uma Maheswarar, Dakshinamoorthy, Vishnu and Brahma and different masters should be visible.



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Krishnapuram Temple- Thiruvenkatanathan

About 15 km from Thirunelveli is another excellent sanctuary. Committed to Lord Vishnu, the Krishnapurm Temple is popular for its life estimated figures and a lovely Idol of Lord Vishnu.


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Banatheertham Falls

A lovely white surge of water, the Banatheertham Falls is a delight of nature intended to be loved and embraced with all its astonishment. In the stunning excellence of the Western Ghats is covered up a wonderful white surge of water moving through the thick green backwoods known as the Banatheertham Falls. The Banatheertham Falls which is arranged right over the Karaiyar Dam in the Tamirabarani River in the province of Tamil Nadu was generally obscure till the 90s until the well known Hindi film Roja was shot here which additionally drove the tumbles to be named Roja Falls.

The enduring waters of the falls guarantee that one can observers its excellence lasting through the year. The falls are available through a boat ride to the Karaiyar Dam which permits an incredible perspective on the cascades wrapped up between the verdant slopes. Toward the finish of the boat ride one can travel for around ten minutes to reach much nearer to the cascades and witness the unhindered force of the Banatheertham falls.



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Manimuthar Waterfalls

Manimuthar Waterfalls are made by River Manimuthar falling down a distance of 25 feet framing a lake at the base that runs north of 90 feet down. The cascade is encircled by thick forestation and offers a serene getaway for the pained soul.


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Krishnapuram Anjaneyar Temple

Located in the midst of lavish green paddy fields, Krishnapuram Anjaneyar Temple is committed to Lord Hanuman. It is related with the legend of Ramayana and different legends of Lord Hanuman. Fans crowd in huge numbers to perform poojas for the god who is accepted to diminish on of the relative multitude of impediments and protect the enthusiasts.


Sivasailam Temple

Sivasailam Temple

Located in the Western Ghats and encompassed by Siver Hill, Sivasailam Temple is a lovely sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva. The Shivalinga is accepted to show up from a stone on the slope after it was overflowed with milk by a few cows. Thus, the god is called Sivasailanathar. The antiquated sanctuary design likewise draws guests consistently.

Karaiyar Dam

Karaiyar Dam

Karaiyar Dam was worked for power age and to meet the water prerequisites for water system. Additionally called as the Papanasam Dam, it is based on River Thabirabarani. The Gravity Dam stands 44 meters tall and has a length of 227 meters and the power plant produces an all out limit of 32 MW.

Shenbaga Devi Amman Temple


Shenbaga Devi Amman Temple

Shenbaga Devi Amman Temple is committed to Goddess Shenbaga, a manifestation of Goddess Durga. The sanctuary is situated in the normal landscape of the locale shrouded in thick backwoods with the fundamental cascades of Courtalam spouting close by through the woodland. The heavenly energy of the directing god draws fans consistently.

Tenkasi Tourism

Kasi of the South"

Tenkasi Tourism

Tenkasi is the second biggest town of the Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu on the Madurai - Kollam expressway. In the midst of the Western Ghats, River Chittar courses through this beautiful location inclined toward among sightseers. While this town is known for cascades and sanctuaries, it has been made renowned for its Courtallam Falls and Kasi Viswanathar Temple.

Tenkasi is popular for its fundamental sanctuary which is accepted to be worked by a Pandyan King, King Arikeari Parakrama after Lord Viswanatha showed up in his fantasy and taught him to do as such. The sanctuary design has a few engravings and carvings of legendary figures..




Named after the post at the entry of the town, Sengottai is a fascination popular for its rich culture. An autonomy lobbyist, Vanchinathan, from Sengottai had shot the then Collector, Robert William dêEscourt Ashe and later ended it all to get away from the capture. The spot, along these lines, likewise has memorable importance in the area. The town is encircled by wonderful normal scene and furthermore has various parks that make it a popular sporting focus.



Manjolai is an excellent slope station situated in the Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. The slope station is popular for tea manors, the Manimuthur Dam and the Manimuthur cascades encompassed by regular environmental factors making it an ideal fascination for nature darlings.