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Looking for a destination? We created this website especially for you. Goa Tour Packages This website only purpose is to remain as a brochure site. You can choose your tour package according to the areas that you want to visit and based on your schedule.We offer cheap Goa tour packages with reliable service. Our trips include sightseeing and enjoyment in Goa. Goa often referred to as the “Pearl City” is a coastal city situated on the banks of River Mandovi in the Indian state of Goa.Book Your Goa Tours with Sivasudar travels & tour packages from our travel agency. Our Popular Tour Packages in Goa include Goa beaches, Carnival and Shirdi darshan. We also provide customized tour packages.

Goa Sight Seeing Places

Popular Beaches

Palolem BeachPalolem Beach

Sea shores play a featuring job among the attractions in Goa, adding to why it's probably the best spot to visit in India. best places to visit in India.

Nearly every tourist who visits the area spends a day at Palolem Beach, Essentially every traveler who visits the region goes through a day at Palolem Beach, a sickle molded stretch of white sand that neglects the Arabian Sea in south Goa. While essentially hanging out and absorbing the view is an ideal method for partaking in this excellent region, Palolem Beach additionally offers a variety of exercises to occupy your time. Browse kayaking, yoga classes, dolphin-touring outings, and swimming. You can likewise go through the night in one of Palolem's natural coco cottages, which are raised toward the beginning of the great season.kayaking, yoga classes, dolphin-sightseeing trips, and swimming. You can also spend the night in one of Palolem's rustic coco huts, which are erected at the start of the high season.

Colva Beach Colva Beach is another of the most popular sea shores in Goa, particularly among Indian vacationers. It has influencing palms and an expansive stretch of bronze sand, where you'll incidentally see crowds of cows sunbathing close to vacationers. You can lease Jet Skis, bounce on an exhilarating banana boat ride, and get an elevated perspective of the ocean side on a parasailing experience. Homestay facilities in the space will give you a credible neighborhood style insight — in addition to simple admittance to Colva Beach.

Beaches Off the Beaten Path

Sunset at Utorda Beach Sunset at Utorda Beach

While known for their tremendous landscape, the famous sea shores in Goa will more often than not become busy during high season, leaving a few voyagers excited for a calmer regular break. Luckily, Goa overflows with unseen ocean side attractions that give you a few separation from the crowds of vacationers while as yet getting you radiant sand and surf.

One of the best hidden gems in Goa is Butterfly Beach. One of the most mind-blowing secret pearls in Goa is Butterfly Beach. It has a bending breadth of sand flanked by stones that make a postcard-commendable bay, overflowing with butterflies and blooms. It's additionally an extraordinary spot to watch dolphins swim somewhere far off.

You'll have to leave on a boat ride from Palolem Beach or Agonda Beach, or tackle a difficult timberland climb, to arrive at Butterfly Beach — yet the impediments to arriving help to disperse the groups. You may even have the spot to yourself.While more created than Butterfly Beach, Utorda Beach is one more dazzling escape from the more jam-packed sea shores around Goa. It includes spotless, blue water; luxurious sand; and a couple of little ocean side shacks. Look carefully as you swim in the water, and you might recognize some little starfish.

Portuguese-Indian Restaurants

Goan coconut fish curryGoan coconut fish curry

Food is a significant fascination in Goa. This piece of India has a particular cooking that mixes Portuguese and Goan flavors, separating it from the wide range of various food around India. Anticipate searing flavors, new got fish, and a plenitude of coconut in the dishes.

You can't leave Goa without attempting its unique dish, vindaloo, a super-hot meat curry made with palm vinegar and dried red bean stew peppers. Hospedaria Venite in the capital of Goa, Panaji, wows sightseers with its heavenly vindaloo. Dominick, a Benaulim Beach pillar, is one more most loved spot for vindaloo — in addition to it offers first column seats for top notch dusks. Another Goan claim to fame is xacuti, a rich curry with poppy seeds, stew, and coconut. Attempt it at Souza Lobo, an ocean front café in Calangute, or Fat Fish, an all around dealt with spot Baga. Travelers craving for some new fish are ruined for decision around Goa. Zeebop, on Utorda Beach, offers wonderful fish curry, prawn stew, and mackerel soaked with hot red sauce.

You also can't go wrong with dinner at Copperleaf. The upscale restaurant in Porvorim You likewise can't turn out badly with supper at Copperleaf. The upscale café in Porvorim has a fish thali that you'll long for long after you've wrapped up.

Tanshikar's Working Spice Farm

Nutmeg, mace, and curry leaf, Tanshikar Spice Farm, GoaNutmeg, mace, and curry leaf, Tanshikar Spice Farm, Goa | / photo modified

South India has been known for its bounty of flavors, similar to dark pepper, cardamom, and cloves, for a really long time. Indeed, these normal flavorings were a significant interest for Portuguese brokers who came to Goa many years prior.

TVacationers can see what's really going on with the nearby flavor scene by visiting Tanshikar's Working Spice Farm and Ecological Rest House. This agritourism fascination grows seven unique flavors: pepper, vanilla, nutmeg, turmeric, cardamom, and stew, utilizing absolutely natural cultivating techniques.

Voyages through the ranch, frequently drove by its proprietor, will give you a top to bottom comprehension of these flavor-charged harvests and an opportunity to see a portion of different items, as betelnut, espresso beans, pineapple, and banana, become in the vicinity. Tanshikar's additionally keeps honey bees and produces its own all-normal honey.

Flavor ranch visits aren't the main fun thing to do at Tanshikar's. Visitors can likewise take a vegan cooking class, visit an effervescent lake, trip to Mainapi Waterfall, and prepare to turn into a yoga educator. It's a fascination that has something for everybody.

Basilica de Bom Jesus

Basilica de Bom JesusBasilica de Bom Jesus

While numerous travelers visit Goa for the sea shores, innumerable others believe the outing to be a journey to significant strict destinations, similar to the Basilica de Bom Jesus.

This Old Goa fascination traces all the way back to the late sixteenth century and contains the remaining parts of the St. Francis Xavier. The "Witness of the Indies" helped to establish the Society of Jesus strict request with companion St. Ignatius Loyola and led a broad mission in India. The basilica has been an UNESCO World Heritage Site beginning around 1999.

The unobtrusive yet forcing structure is a blend of Doric, Corinthian, and Baroque style with multifaceted carvings. Curiously, the structure was deprived of its lime mortar during the twentieth century, making it the main church in Goa without mortar. The Basilica de Bom Jesus has since become worn by storms.

You can visit the congregation all alone, or recruit one of the autonomous aides close to the entry for a little expense. Inside, you can see colossal elaborate screens, alongside the body of the occupant holy person in a coffin that was once canvassed in valuable stones. A convincing spot will move you back on schedule.

Consistently, the Feast of St. Francis Xavier attracts huge groups to this congregation late November and early December. It starts off with a nine-day novena and outside masses prior to finishing up with the significant occasion on Dec. 3.

Address: Old Goa Road, Bainguinim, Goa

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar FallsDudhsagar Falls

Oceanic experiences go past the ocean side in Goa. The state is additionally home to Dudhsagar Falls, a breathtaking four-layered cascade that towers exactly 310 meters over the earth. It's perhaps India's tallest cascade and an unendingly famous fascination for roadtrips around Goa and Karnataka.

To arrive at the falls, you'll have to advance toward the town of Colem by taxi or train. Contingent upon which train course you take, you might get a brief look at Dudhsagar Falls en route. Then, at that point, you'll bounce on board a common jeep through the wilderness, passing Devil's Canyon en route. Around 45 minutes after the fact, you'll hurry over certain rocks to at last arrive at the falls.

The best an ideal opportunity to visit Dudhsagar Falls is just after the storm, when the water is spouting. Travelers who wish to take a plunge can lease a day to day existence coat from merchants at the fascination.

Hot tip: Only 300 jeeps are allowed to enter Dudhsagar Falls every day. Make reservations in advance, or prepare to wait in long lines if you wish to visit.

Anjuna Market

Anjuna MarketAnjuna Market

Goa is home to a huge load of business sectors, yet none proposition the exuberance or determination of items found at Anjuna Market. For around 50 years, many merchants have been settling in on Anjuna Beach each Wednesday to entice unique voyagers with hippy-propelled knickknacks and keepsakes.

Elaborate materials, woven swimsuits, figures of divinities, dreamcatchers, loungers, magnets, shirts with cheeky mottos, beaded gems, toys — and so on, you can most likely get it here.

In any case, regardless of whether you need to shop, you should in any case try to visit Anjuna Market for the touring. The swap meet is a twirling cluster of brilliant products, salesmen refusing to compromise, large packs of new flavors, and road food aplenty. The energy alone is one reason why Anjuna Market is one of the top spots to visit in Goa./p>

Address: 10, St. Michael's Vaddo South, Anjuna, Goa

Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate ConceptionChurch of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

Make your way to the laid-back city of Panaji Advance toward the laid-back city of Panaji to visit another of Goa's notable holy places: The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

The perfect white church, which traces all the way back to the mid seventeenth century, remains on a crisscrossing flight of stairs that looks like the levels of a wedding cake. Its completely even Portuguese Baroque design is a thing of beauty. Around evening time, sparkle lights make the congregation appear as though something out of a fantasy.

While not luxurious, the congregation's inside flaunts splendid, vivid enrichments. Vacationers can see the exquisite fundamental special raised area (committed to Mary, mother of Jesus) and plated points of support with intricate carvings. Plants of blue and white blooms regularly embellish portions of the vaulted roof around different occasions..

Dec. 8 marks the Festival of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, a major holiday at this church. Swing by to see it decked out in tons of colorful lights.

Address: Rua Emídio Garcia, Altinho, Panaji, Goa

Braganza House

Braganza HouseBraganza House

See what houses in Goa looked like during the 17th century at Braganza House, a historical mansionSee what houses in Goa resembled during the seventeenth century at Braganza House, a recorded chateau that flanks the town square in Chandor. It's separated into an east and west wing, the two of which are accessible for sightseers to look around at their relaxation.

The east wing is home to individuals from the Pereira-Braganza family. It boats a huge dance hall with an amazing marble floor, alongside a little sanctuary that contains one of St. Francis Xavier's fingernails. This piece of Braganza House likewise overflows with collectibles and global ancient rarities.

The western side jelly the first magnificence of Braganza House. Possessed by the Menezes-Braganças, the exhibition hall like space includes an extensive library with 5,000 cowhide bound books from the private assortment of columnist Luis de Menezes Braganza, who assumed a significant part in the Goan freedom development. Travelers can likewise see amazing Belgian glass light fixtures, antique representations of the family, and Chinese porcelain.

Address: Guddi-Chandor Road, Culsabhatt, Chandor, Goa

Mahadev Temple

Mahadev TempleMahadev Temple

Found only 12 kilometers north of Molem, Mahadev Temple allows vacationers an opportunity to see a construction that has been remaining since the twelfth century. Its far off area assisted it with enduring hundreds of years of triumphs by the Portuguese and Muslim colonialists. Rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that the dark basalt sanctuary, which was worked to respect Lord Shiva, has an inhabitant ruler cobra. Venture inside to see the nitty gritty work of craftsman carvers, including the lotus bloom on the roof.